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best art galleries in the Gothic Quarter Barcelona (and they're free!)

If you're wandering around the centre of Barcelona and are in the mood to see some cool art then this is the guide for you! Here are the seven top art galleries in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, all of them have their unique style and all of them are completely free to visit! If you enjoy this post keep an eye out for future posts in other neighbourhoods as we explore the top art galleries in Barcelona. So without further a due, let's begin to explore the top art galleries in Barcelona!

Founded in 1877 (that's right 1877) The Sala Parés has a strong claim to be the oldest Art Gallery not only in Barcelona but in all of Spain! They have held exhibits of such important artists as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí, to name but two, and so expect to see some Art of the highest level at the Sala Parés.

Where? Carrer Petritxol, 5

A new kid on the block gallery and causing waves, this gallery has a strong Urban Art focus. The first gallery in the city to hold a dedicated LGBTQI+ exhibition, the first gallery in Europe to host such legends of the Graffiti world as SAMO and Cornbread, this is definitely one to watch.

Where? Carrer del Palau, 4

In the Canal Gallery is also where you will find the office of Artspace Tours, come and say hola! We're always happy to meet fellow art lovers! Check our website where we offer guided routes by local art experts that get beyond the façade of the galleries and offer exclusive access to behind-the-scenes experiences.

''In the heart of Barcelona, the city which inspires us with its beauty, diversity and non-stop madness, we attempt to honor it in our paintings and collages where you will find the most iconic corners of the city: famous buildings, restaurants, graffiti.. but the influence of this magical city doesn’t stop there, we bring it’s essence to all our pieces.''

These words were taken form the website and are a great summary of the ethos of Galeria Maxó. Note that this is on the same street as the Sla Parés and so you can check them both out easily.

Where? C/ de Petritxol, 18

Run by one of the coolest personalities in the Barcelona art scene- Fabienne, the fairy Godmother of many a Barcelona artist, at Artevistas expect to see a unique collection of contemporary art, both emerging and established artists.

A collection that includes original paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, print-screen, lithographs, prints and more.

Where? Passatge del Crèdit, 4

Run by the Gallerist of the same name, Rubén Torres, this gallery is a stylish and sassy mix of the classical and the contemporary. Expect to see a Picasso lithograph within a 17th-century Baroque frame above a neon pink contemporary-as-can-be-armchair. Such a mix would be hard for any regular person to pull off but Rubén makes it work, effortlessly.

Where? Carrer de la Palla, 33

The Villa del Arte is a gallery based both in Amsterdam and Barcelona, and they have a knack for discovering visually sensational artists. Colourful paintings, intricate sculptures, and huge portraits shout for your attention in this small but powerful space.

Where? Carrer de la Tapineria, 39

More than just a gallery of the artist, this space is the creation space and studio. Here you will find Lara with her hands dirty as she works on her powerful Neo-Fauvist portraits.

Where? Carrer de la Ciutat 7

That concludes our list of the top art galleries in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. In the following posts we will be covering the top art galleries in Barcelona in other neighbourhoods so keep an eye out. As you are an art lover be sure to check our website where we offer guided routes by local art experts that get beyond the façade of the galleries and offer exclusive access to behind the scenes.

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