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best street art spots in barcelona

Updated: Apr 10

While Barcelona is famous for the spectacular Gaudí architecture and the big dog Pablo Picasso, where does it sit in terms of Street Art and graffiti? Well, considering that the biggest spray paint brand in the world - Montana Cans, was founded and is based in Barcelona, we can assume that there is a pretty deep scene here. 

In this article, we will explore some of the Best Street Art Spots in Barcelona, from specific spots like the Three Chimneys Park and the flagship Montana Gallery, to general areas like Poblenou and el Raval. And in the end, we even throw in a bonus spot for the true Street Art lovers. ;)

Spontaneous collaboration of taggers on @CobreArt hyper-realistic Robin Williams at 3 Chimneys Park

Our first stop is one of the most dynamic spaces and is close to the city centre- the famous Park of the 3 Chimneys. The park gets its name from the huge Industrial Revolution-age chimneys that tower over the park like three sentinels. This is one spot in the city where anyone can come and paint, no permission needed. In this open-air gallery, you will see international established artists painting alongside local kids playing football and skateboarders flaunting their skills, all enjoying the Barcelona sunshine side by side. Given the free nature of the area, the pieces are changing weekly, so each visit promises new surprises and discoveries.   

We at Artspace are a team of muralists, painters and art lovers who love to show off the local scene so if you join us on our Hidden Street Art experience where we will definitely be showing you this park. We might even meet some of our friends busy painting.

Next, let’s make our way to the iconic Poblenou district. This former industrial area has undergone a creative transformation, becoming a playground for urban artists. Stroll along Carrer de la Selva de Mar and Carrer de Pere IV, where striking murals adorn the old factories and warehouses, telling stories of local culture, history, and social issues. A great way to explore this area is by bicycle, for that there are plenty of bicycle-hiring options in the city.

A must-see spot is the Montana Cans flagship store and gallery, a shop where you can buy cans to go leave your mark at the 3 Chimneys and the merchandise to look the part, or simply to go and check out the exhibitions that they have of some of the best artists on the international scene.

Our Street Art adventure wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the vibrant Raval neighbourhood. This eclectic and bohemian district has a reputation for being the seedier side of town, and attracts a more rough and raw graffiti style. This is the scene where you’ll find the locals hanging out, from skateboarders to tattooed businessmen. This is one of the neighbourhoods that we explore in our Hidden Street Art experience - where we reveal the stories behind the facade.

As a bonus spot, we are going to reveal to you our dear reader an up-and-coming spot that has ambitions to become one of the most important sites for Street Art & graffiti in Europe and a reference on the World Stage. The BesArt River Museum aims on becoming the biggest open-air Street Art museum in the world! Located about 30minutes metro ride outside of the city centre, on the east end of the city next to the Llobregat river banks you will find this huge space. Having just started in 2023, this place is hot off the press and falls into the 'I knew it before it was cool' category. You're welcome.

So this is by no means and exhaustive list, but certainly some of the big hitters of the best Street Art spots in Barcelona. If you are intrigued then check out our tour offering and come and meet us in person!

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